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David Wilkerson Today



One night during a prayer meeting, God told me something about our church I was

not expecting to hear.


The Lord whispered to me, “This church needs shock treatment! Too many have

grown satisfied and complacent. You feel safe and secure from all the winds and

waves of false doctrines sweeping over the land—but you are not prepared for

what is coming!”


Beloved, the message of having the Spirit’s witness functioning in you is not

a request—it is a matter of life and death! If you don’t have the witness of

the Holy Ghost in these last days, you’re not going to make it! You’ll give

in to the coming spirit of the Antichrist!


You need the Holy Spirit witness every day—on your job, at work, at school.

You need to rightly judge politicians and leaders so you’ll not suddenly be

sucked into the antichrist system.


This is what Jesus was trying to tell us about the foolish virgins who ran out

of oil for their lamps. They had a supply of the Holy Ghost—but they didn’t

have his witness at the final moment.


Don’t end up a foolish virgin! If you are running out of oil—trusting your

church or your pastor to keep your soul—then repent! Humble yourself and

search your heart! Cry out to God to rid your soul of all anger and bitterness.

Confess your sins and forsake them. And depend on God once again for everything!


Get the peace of God in your heart, so you can have a Holy Ghost witness. And

ask the Father for a greater enduement of the Spirit. Invite him to be your

witness and guide in everything!


We face a cost of going all the way with Jesus, but we also will receive a

reward: It is simply the blessing of having Christ stand with us. There are

many other rewards as well (see Matthew 19:29), but I mention this one because

it is all we will ever need.


When Paul was imprisoned in Jerusalem, the whole religious system wanted to

kill him. They accused him of polluting the holy place and preaching false

doctrines. His life was in danger; even the soldiers were “fearing lest Paul

should have been pulled in pieces” (Acts 23:10). So they took him by force

and locked him away in a castle. The next night the Lord himself spoke to Paul,

and what a word he brought: “Cheer up! There’s even more trouble to come!”


The cost of following Christ was clear in the lives of these men of God—and

if we are going to be like our Master, then we must embrace this cost as well.

Enduring it becomes a joy because Jesus promises to stand with us in every

situation. And we can face anything or anyone when we know the Lord stands with



So count the cost and know that your reward, in all things, is the precious

presence of Jesus Christ.




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The Holy Spirit

But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. He will bring glory to me by taking from what is mine and making it known to you. John 16:13-14


A lot of things will begin to happen as a result of this outpouring of the Spirit. It will have so many multidimensional expressions that it cannot be called simply an evangelism movement, a healing movement, a prayer movement, a unity movement, or a prophetic movement. Above all things, it will impart and renew deep, affectionate passion for Jesus through the Holy Spirit. The increase of prophetic ministry in the local church involves more than verbal, inspirational prophecy. In my understanding, it includes angelic visitations, dreams, visions, and signs and wonders in the sky, as well as an increase in prophetic revelation, even the kind given through the subtle impressions of the Holy Spirit.



Lord, bring a revival that fills Your people with deep, affectionate passion for You. Fill Your people with angelic visitations, dreams, visions, and signs and wonders. Increase Your prophetic revelation to Your children.


The Holy Spirit longs above all things
to glorify Jesus in the human heart.

Mike Bickle



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The Heart – Mouth Connection

By Dr. Creflo A. Dollar

This week’s topic: The Power Of The Tongue

Many Christians wonder how they can operate in the same kind of “say and see” power that God does. There is nothing magical about the process. The Bible is not a book of spells. It is simply a matter of meditating on the Word of God until it becomes so rooted in your heart that it becomes more real to you than your present circumstances. When a person reaches this point, his or her faith is ready to be activated by words.

Establishing your heart in the Word of God is essential if you want to see the physical manifestation of God’s promises. Because Scripture is infallible, whatever God says must come to pass. God’s Word is full of faith. The way a believer begins to establish his or her faith is to hear the Word of God preached (Romans 10:17) in addition to reading, studying, meditating on and speaking it. If you make this your lifestyle, you will be walking by faith and experience the promises of God come to pass in your life.

Your heart is your epicenter of faith in God’s Word. Many people mistakenly make confessions when their heart is not grounded on the Word of God. They are actually only mentally assenting to the words they speak. They don’t really believe the words they are saying; they are only hoping that what they say will come to pass. Consequently, they get frustrated when they don’t see the manifestation of what they are speaking.

Romans 10:10 says, “For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” You must believe in the integrity of the Word before you speak it. Otherwise, your confessions are in vain. Second Corinthians 4:13 says, “We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak.” Joshua 1:8 stresses the importance of meditating on the Word day and night. In doing so, we make our way prosperous.

Jesus is our ultimate example of operating the principle of faith. He knew that whatever He spoke would come to pass. Why? Because He had meditated on the Word to such a point that it regulated His life (Psalm 119:97-104). When He cursed the fig tree in Mark 11:12-24, the results came immediately. What He had spoken had no choice but to come to pass because they overflowed with the faith of God. The same results can be yours when you don’t doubt in your heart (Matthew 21:21). Jesus said that whosoever shall say, or speak, to something in faith will see it changed.

Settle the Issue

Walking by faith, or walking by the Word of God, must become a settled issue in your life before you can experience God’s abundance. For you to experience divine health and healing, financial prosperity, deliverance and the numerous other benefits of God’s covenant, it will depend on whether you choose to accept the world’s opinions and reports over the integrity of God’s Word. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to put my trust in a system that is falling apart and is unreliable. If you put the principles of the Word to work while pursuing a life of love and holiness, you can prove God for yourself. Give His Word a chance and watch Him come through for you every single time.

Scripture Of The Day: “For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” – Romans 10:10 (KJV)

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David Wilkerson Today


God has so much he wants to give you. His desire is to “open you the windows

of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to

receive it” (Malachi 3:10). He stands in a full storehouse, saying, “I am a

giving, loving God—but so few will receive from me. They won’t let me be God

to them!’

Of course, we are to thank God for all he has done and given already. Yet we

are not to be satisfied with what we think is a lot! Many Christians are

satisfied to sit in church and be blessed by God’s presence. Such people are

no more than “satisfied sponges”! They soak everything up—but they limit

God in their lives, when he so wants to anoint them for service.

When the disciples marveled at Christ’s miracles, Jesus replied, “God has

an even greater work ahead for you!” Most of us are like the disciples. We

see one miracle, and we’re satisfied to talk about it for the rest of our

lives. Yet if we really knew God and let him be God to us, we would ask him for

so much more:

• We would reach into the heavenlies by faith, believing God to bring down

the godless leaders in local, state, and federal agencies. We would bring down

principalities and powers, as God said!

• We would believe God to help us saturate our city with the gospel of Jesus.

We would stand up in faith against every weapon aimed against us, and we would

be putting down satanic strongholds in our families and churches.

Our vision would be limitless. We would believe God for even greater things for

his kingdom!




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God’s Promise for You

by Rick Warren

Abraham said, "The Lord brought me from the land of my relatives to this land and he has solemnly promised me that he would give this land to my descendants." Genesis 24:7 (NCV)

"The size of your God determines the size of your goal. And godly goal-setting always starts with a promise of God. Don't look at your limitations; look at the promises of God. " It's not just enough to know where you are and where you want to go. To help you faithfully press toward your goal, you need to find a promise from God. The Bible has over 7,000 promises from God to you - promises of success, confidence, health, prosperity, strength, wisdom and more. Why does God make these promises? Because he wants you to learn to trust him.

From yesterday, we learned that to prepare for a decade of destiny, you should take these steps                           Step #1 - Determine your present position                   Step #2 - Be specific about what you want                   Step #3 - Look for God's promise When you set a goal,       don't focus on the problems, focus on the promises.

Find a promise in God's Word that will take you to your goal. This is what Abraham does when Eliezer, his servant, starts to worry about accomplishing the goal he is given.

In today's verse, Abraham tells Eliezer about the promise he received from God: "He'll [God] send an angel before you so that you can find a wife there for my son" (Genesis 24:7 NCV).

You don't need an angel because dozens of time in Scripture God has said, "I'll be with you no matter where you go." God is always with you whether you feel it or not. You just need to plug into the power.

Back in 1980, the first year I started Saddleback Church, a reporter asked me, "How big do you think this church is going to get?" I said, "20,000 people by 2020." The reporter looked at me and said, "Who do you think you are?" I told him, "The question isn't who do I think I am, the question is 'Who do I think God is?'"

The size of your God determines the size of your goal. And godly goal-setting always starts with a promise of God. Don't look at your limitations; look at the promises of God.

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How to Focus Your Life

by Rick Warren

"Abraham was now old and well advance in years, and the Lord had blessed him in every way." Genesis 24:1 (NIV)

"You can't just know the what, you need to know the why - that's your motivation. If you don't know why, you will give up when it gets tough.

" The next ten years can be the greatest of your life. They can become a Decade of Destiny, where your life is focused and, as a result, you're able to make an impact in all you do.

To get where you believe God wants you to go and be what you know God wants you to be, there are several steps you need to take that will get you focused --

Step #1 - Determine your present position You've got to know where you are before you can know where you are going. To do that, ask yourself two questions:

- Where am I now? Where are you spiritually, financially, emotionally, relationally, physically, and occupationally?    - What would I like to change? In all of those areas you identified, what would you like to be different?

God promised Abraham that he would become the father of a great nation. But in Genesis 24, we find Abraham is now an old man and his son, Isaac, still doesn't have any children yet. Abraham assessed the situation and, as a result, he sent his servant, Eliezer, to find a wife for Isaac. An important principle here is that it is never too late for you to make a change in your life, even though making the change may take longer than you think. This is why you can't procrastinate.

You can either drift through the next ten years or you can have direction over the next ten years. God wants you to have direction.

Step #2 - Be specific about what you want In order to get to where you want to be, you need to describe exactly what you want. For instance, Abraham told Eliezer exactly what kind of wife he wanted for Isaac. He said, "Don't get a wife for my son from the Canaanite girls. Instead, go back ... to the land of my relatives and get a wife for my son" (Genesis 24:3-4 NIV).

You will never reach a vague goal. The more general it is, the less power it has. But the more specific it is, the more power it has in your life.

Ask yourself these four questions:                            - What do I want to be?                                        - What do I want to do?                                      - What do I want to have?                                    - Why do I want it?

You can't just know the what, you need to know the why - that's your motivation. If you don't know why, you will give up when it gets tough. When Eliezer heard Abraham's goal, he started asking "What if...?" If you listen to the what-ifs of your goal, you will fail because of worry and fear.

You don't need to focus on the how for now because, once you figure out the why, God will show you how. He will help you solve the problems that stand in the way of your goal.

Today pray about your answers to steps #1 and #2, and tomorrow we'll look at the next steps.

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But God Moments

“… it was not you who sent me here, but God… ” – Genesis 45:8 NIV

Are you in the dark about the direction God seems to be leading you? Jon Walker says, ‘The choice to do His will before we know the specifics… develops trust of His character… This is where many people get into a battle of wills… wanting Him to reveal His plan first… That’s not how He works. God wants you to decide in advance to trust Him… believing that His will is best for your life… He knows your hesitancy.

He won’t be surprised if you say, “I don’t know that I’m willing to step out in faith without knowing everything that’s going to happen, but I’m willing to be made willing.” One reason God doesn’t give you the full picture… is you may be overwhelmed… it may appear impossible… but that’s the pointthere’s no way you can fulfil your mission without Him.

When Joseph was reunited with his brothers in Egypt, he told them, ‘… do not be angry with yourselves… it was not you who sent me here, but God… ‘ (vv. 5-8). Joseph’s brothers sold him out, ‘but God’ used it to preserve the Jewish race. The Israelites were in slavery, ‘but God’ sent Moses to lead them to the Promised Land. Jesus died on the cross, ‘but God’ used His death to save a lost world.

Oswald Chambers calls God ‘The Great Engineer, creating circumstances to bring about moments… of divine importance, leading us to divine appointments’.

Think back; can’t you recall some ‘but God’ moments of your own where you’d reached the end of your rope and He came through for you?

Bob Gass


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React or Respond

… He was concerned about finding people with faith, the kind He displayed…Many who have feared the excesses made by others in the name of faith have ironically embraced unbelief.

Reaction to error, usually produces error.  Some people would have no belief system were it not for the error of others.  Their teachings are the antithesis of what others believe and practice.  As a result those who strive for balance become anemic.

The word balance has come to mean “middle of the road”-of no threat to people or the devil, with little risk, and above all… the best way to keep our nice image intact.

The Church warns its members about the great sin of presumption.  God warns us of the sin of unbelief.  Jesus didn’t say, “When I return will I find people who are excessive and presumptuous?”

He was concerned about finding people with faith, the kind He displayed.  While we often huddle in groups of like-minded people, those with Faith blaze a trail that threatens all of our comfort zones.

Faith offends the stationary. People of great faith are hard to live with.  Their reasoning is otherworldly.

My grandfather, a pastor, sat under the ministry of several great men and women of God in the early 1900s.  He used to tell me how not everyone liked Smith Wigglesworth.  His faith made other people feel uncomfortable.

We either become like them or we avoid them.  We find their lifestyle either contagious or offensive with little neutral ground.  Smith is well loved today… but it’s only because he’s dead.  Israel loved their dead prophets too.

There’s something amazing about unbelief-it is able to fulfill its own expectations.  Unbelief is safe because it takes no risk and almost always gets what it expects.  Then, after a person gets the answer for their unbelief,  they can say, I told you so.

Bill Johnson

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David Wilkerson

The subject of thanksgiving came to me recently during a time of great personal heaviness.  At the time, our church building needed major work.  Parishioners’problems were piling up. Everyone I knew seemed to be going through some kind of trial.  And I was feeling the burden of it all. I went into my office and sat down, feeling sorry for myself.  I began to complain to God: “Lord, how long will you keep me in this fire? How long do I have to pray about all these things before you’ll do something? When are you going to answer me, God?”

Suddenly, the Holy Spirit fell upon me—and I felt ashamed.  The Spirit whispered to my heart, “Just begin to thank me right now, David.  Bring to me a sacrifice of thanksgiving—for all the past things I’ve done for you, and for what I’m going to do in the future. Give me an offering of thanksgiving—and suddenly everything will look different!

”Those words settled in my spirit. But I wondered: “What does the Lord mean,‘a sacrifice of thanksgiving’?” I looked up the phrase in Scripture and was amazed at all the references I found:

• “Let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving, and declare his works with rejoicing” (Psalm 107:22).•

“I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of the Lord” (Psalm 116:17).•

“Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms” (Psalm 95:2).

• “Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name” (Psalm 100:4).

We live in a day when our high priest, Jesus, has already presented the sacrifice of his own blood to the Father to make atonement for our sins. Christ has wiped out all our transgressions, never to be remembered against us. So, for us, the work of atonement is finished.

Yet, like the Israelites, we also are to come into the Lord’s courts as Psalm 100 says—with thanksgiving and praise.

And we are to bring with us two“goats.” “Take with you words, and turn to the Lord: say unto him, Take away all iniquity, and receive us graciously: so will we render the calves of our lips” (Hosea 14:2). The word “calves” here represents our lips, or words. The full meaning of this phrase in Hebrew is, “We will offer young bullocks, even our lips.”Our offering of thanksgiving is to be made with the two goats we bring—anoffering of our lips, or voices.

God is saying, “Bring into my presence your words of thanksgiving. Speak, sing out your praises to me!”We are no longer to bring to God sacrifices of blood or offerings of silver and gold for atonement. Instead, we are to bring him a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving from our lips: “By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name” (Hebrews 13:15).

The “fruit of our lips” is gratitude and thanks!

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David Wilkerson Today

When the children of Israel were going through testing, were they really
supposed to express gratitude and thanksgiving in the midst of it? When they
were surrounded and in a hopeless situation, did God really expect them to have
that kind of reaction?

Yes—absolutely! That was the secret to getting out of their difficulty. You
see, God wants something from all of us in our times of overwhelming troubles
and testings. He wants us to offer him a sacrifice of thanksgiving in the midst
of it all!

I believe James had discovered this secret when he admonished, “…count it
all joy when ye fall into divers temptations…” (James 1:2). He was saying,
“Don’t give up! Make an altar in your heart, and offer up joyous
thanksgiving in the midst of your trials.”

Of course the children of Israel did offer the Lord praise and
thanksgiving—but they did it on the wrong side of the Red Sea! Yes, the
people rejoiced all night—but God had no pleasure in it. Anybody can shout in
gratitude after the victory comes. But the question God was putting to Israel
was, “Will you praise me before I send help—while you’re still in the
midst of the battle?”

I believe if Israel had rejoiced on the “trial side” of the Red Sea, they
wouldn’t have had to be tested again at the waters of Marah. Had they passed
the Red Sea test, the waters at Marah wouldn’t have tasted bitter, but sweet.
And Israel would have seen water springing up everywhere in the desert, rather
than having to go thirsty.

God help us to sing the right song on the testing side of trials. This brings
the highest delight to our heavenly Father.

Are you right now going through a most difficult time? Then sing! Praise! Say
to the Lord, “You can do it—you delivered me before, you can deliver me
now. I rest in joy.”

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