Posted by: Mariah Hollifield | October 20, 2010


David Wilkerson Today



One night during a prayer meeting, God told me something about our church I was

not expecting to hear.


The Lord whispered to me, “This church needs shock treatment! Too many have

grown satisfied and complacent. You feel safe and secure from all the winds and

waves of false doctrines sweeping over the land—but you are not prepared for

what is coming!”


Beloved, the message of having the Spirit’s witness functioning in you is not

a request—it is a matter of life and death! If you don’t have the witness of

the Holy Ghost in these last days, you’re not going to make it! You’ll give

in to the coming spirit of the Antichrist!


You need the Holy Spirit witness every day—on your job, at work, at school.

You need to rightly judge politicians and leaders so you’ll not suddenly be

sucked into the antichrist system.


This is what Jesus was trying to tell us about the foolish virgins who ran out

of oil for their lamps. They had a supply of the Holy Ghost—but they didn’t

have his witness at the final moment.


Don’t end up a foolish virgin! If you are running out of oil—trusting your

church or your pastor to keep your soul—then repent! Humble yourself and

search your heart! Cry out to God to rid your soul of all anger and bitterness.

Confess your sins and forsake them. And depend on God once again for everything!


Get the peace of God in your heart, so you can have a Holy Ghost witness. And

ask the Father for a greater enduement of the Spirit. Invite him to be your

witness and guide in everything!


We face a cost of going all the way with Jesus, but we also will receive a

reward: It is simply the blessing of having Christ stand with us. There are

many other rewards as well (see Matthew 19:29), but I mention this one because

it is all we will ever need.


When Paul was imprisoned in Jerusalem, the whole religious system wanted to

kill him. They accused him of polluting the holy place and preaching false

doctrines. His life was in danger; even the soldiers were “fearing lest Paul

should have been pulled in pieces” (Acts 23:10). So they took him by force

and locked him away in a castle. The next night the Lord himself spoke to Paul,

and what a word he brought: “Cheer up! There’s even more trouble to come!”


The cost of following Christ was clear in the lives of these men of God—and

if we are going to be like our Master, then we must embrace this cost as well.

Enduring it becomes a joy because Jesus promises to stand with us in every

situation. And we can face anything or anyone when we know the Lord stands with



So count the cost and know that your reward, in all things, is the precious

presence of Jesus Christ.




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