Posted by: Mariah Hollifield | March 23, 2009

Gateway Church 3/22

Paul spoke Sunday morning at Gateway.





  1. It’s great to see pictures of Paul in action !

    • I thought YOU would like to see that…hopefully, soon his pod cast will be up & you can hear him too.

  2. YES – I just downloaded it and now I’m getting ready to listen to it – all 56 minutes of it !

  3. Thanks Anne, just heard Paul message. I love hearing him preach:)

    Tell him I send him my love.

  4. It was a GREAT message from start to finish. It was the fastest 56 minutes of my day – and the BEST !

    I may drive to the Dallas Texas area this Summer. If I do then I want to visit Paul in Tennessee. He owes me a tour of the town as well as a MASSIVE meal ! I want to check out this excellent customer service that I keep hearing about.

  5. Hmm, Paul doesn’t even post on his blog, and the only comments I get are all for him!!!! Maybe he’ll start posting????

  6. Sorry……

    Is just that we are glad to hear that he is happy:)
    Funny thing is he does not like to blog, if you can make him do that we won’t bother you so much:)

  7. […] See Pastor Paul on Ms. Annie’s blog […]

  8. Dear Annie-

    I clicked on your name on the LPC blog and saw the awesome picture of TSP crew visiting u guys.
    You look great and the kids r growing so fast.
    How are you?? Would love to hear about your Church and kids life.

    Ivan and I are getting married this weekend on the beach. We asked Pastor Travis to do the ceremony.


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