Posted by: Mariah Hollifield | March 1, 2009


What an Awesome Time of Worship & Ministry!We have been a part of Throne Zone since it began 6 years ago. We love Keith & Michelle Duncan and their ministry– . Some years only Paul went, He & I went together a few years, and just he & Mariah went together 2 years. This year was different, the whole family went. Mariah & Nathan went with us for the entire week and Maggie & Meredith came for the last night.
Paul was very busy–he was the ministry & faculty co-ordinator, exhibit director and he taught 2 classes. I taught 2 classes as well, they were both about worship as it relates to children. I really enjoyed teaching these classes!

Mariah & Nathan both attended classes. Mariah took ALL of Dr. Pamela Hardy Rutherford’s dance classes & Nathan took some guitar classes and a symbols of worship class–very interesting. During some free time, they were able to hang out with friends and even go to the indoor pool.

 Night services were incredible! Anointed speakers & worship Keith Duncan, Lindell Cooley, Eddie James, Bishop Joseph Garlington, and Dr. Pamela Hardy 


  1. Hi Annie, how are you guys doing? How’s Paul? I see that you are all very busy, GOD is doing great things in your lives.I’m so happy to know that.

    Can you tell Paul that I miss him and if he has a chance just to e-mail me for a quick chat?

    With all my love,


  2. Hi Ela,

    So great to hear from you! I’ll pass the message on to Paul. He’s out of town–he’ll be back Friday…or Saturday.
    Be Blessed!


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