Posted by: Mariah Hollifield | July 14, 2008

Kids Life 7/13/08

Once again–WOW! ALL of our classes are so awsome.There were babie everywhere during the 1st service–I couldn’t believe it. It was so sweet. Lisette and her team of awesome workers do such a great job of loving and taking care of the babies.

2 year olds are really getting it together, doing some great new things–check out Kelly’s blog. This is such a fun class.! Kelly is doing an incredible job–thanks!

3 & 4 year olds–these little ones are learning more and more Bible stories. They love their class and all of the cool crafts, games, songs, snacks and MORE! These teachers–Laura, Pam & Melissa are on the ball–thanks so much for all of the time & love you put into this class.

I had the opportunity to observe a little in the first service and then to help during the 2nd service in our oldest kids life class. The teachers for this group–Becky, Michelle & Richard, have such a vision and a love for these children. Their series is on prayer. During the 2nd service, I helped 2 boys–both of which were WIDE OPEN all during the class and drove me completely crazy! I helped them write in their prayer journals. It was so sweet and it meant so much to them. They both wanted to pray for their families 1st and then they wanted to pray that God would help them be good. How awesome was that.


  1. You are all doing such a great job with our next generation. It is awasome, you are in my prayers.

    Love ya,


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