Posted by: Mariah Hollifield | June 16, 2008

Kids Life 6-15-08

Once again, Kids Life ROCKS! What an awesome day we had.           

The Party! Kids Life learned a song for Father’s day. They used steamers, banners, sign language, and more. Michelle Bulger taught them the song and movements and then Joe (her husband) videoed them. They also each recorded a message about Father’s day. Some of their messages were to their fathers, some of the messages were about our Heavenly Father.

All of the children, in each class, made a card for Father’s Day. It was a great time to talk about a Heavenly Father who loves each of them very much.

Jennifer Davis has been the director of our 2 year old class for the past 5 months. She has done such an incredible job and is such an awesome person! Our 2 year olds really love her, and so do I. She is working toward a masters degree, planning a wedding and working! She will still be with us on Sunday mornings to help with the 2 year olds and with set-up and with tare down…I said she is awesome. But she will no longer be the director and spend time through the week planning and developing the class and recruiting and scheduling volunteers. Thanks so much Jennifer for all that you have done for our 2 year olds as the director! Thanks so much for all that you are continuing to do on Sunday mornings.
WELCOME Kelly Johnson! Kelly has taken over this precious little class. I am so excited about the awesome things that she will be continuing and the new things that she will be adding.
Our kids life umbrella is expanding. Not only do we have all of the children’s classes, but also kids life registration and security. Lisa Trinidad has jumped in with both feet! She has taken over this area and is doing an incredible job. This team rocks as well!

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