Posted by: Mariah Hollifield | June 1, 2008

Kids Life 6-1-08

Kids life is always exciting–there’s never a dull moment! All of our age groups are growing. We have more children, new workers and lots of changes.
Today, The Party! kids worked on an awesome song with streamers, banners, sign language and more. They started working on it last week and this week they went over it again. Then we (actually Joe Bulger–because his wife Michelle to told him to!) videoed them doing the song and then they each made a personal message to someone special–those special person’s will find out who they are in 2 weeks. The children really enjoyed themselves. Thanks Michelle for a great idea. We have many new things coming-up for the summer in this class! Our awesome teachers and assistants are excited, inspired and on fire! WOW! I can’t wait to hear some unbelievable testimonies from this class this summer.
All the rest of our classes were great today as well. How wonderful it is to teach little ones about the love of Jesus! So much FUN.



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