Posted by: Mariah Hollifield | March 9, 2008

Kids Life–An Amazing Move of God! 3/9/08

There is an amazing move of God in our children’s ministry departments. As we are praying, God is bringing loving, committed and dependable people to join our ministry teams. I believe that God is preparing us for incredible growth and I am so excited to be part of this wonderful move of God. I think it will begin with Easter Sunday and continue to explode from then on!

Everything went so well today in all of our classes! The classes are creative, fun and exciting and most of all, they are teaching the children about the love of Jesus Christ–their Lord and Savior!

Not only do we have incredible ministry teams in our kids life classes, but we have a wonderful kids life registration team.  Lisa Trinidad has jumped in with both feet!  She began with volunteering to update our sign-in sheets each week, and now she sets up the registration table every week, blows up helium balloons and makes it look fun and exciting!  Thanks Lisa for the cool baskets of candy & sticker filled Easter Eggs for the children to have.  The registraion table looked awesome! 

It seems like every week she or one of the other ladies has another great idea about how to improve, decorate or re-organize kids life registration!  The 2nd service team does an incredible, organized, very effecient job as well.  From the moment that parents walk in the door, before the children even get to their classes, they are greeted and welcomed and made to feel that Life Pointe Church is thrilled to have them! Thanks to the Kids life registration team for doing such an awesome job.


  1. Annie,

    I have to say a couple things:

    1. I love the new blog look…awesome.
    2. I don’t love your new blog look as much as I love what’s going on in kids life. Today, I got to float since Paul was speaking. I loved peaking into all of the kids environments…awesome job, great leadership…totally impressive!

  2. Thanks for the kudos, Annie, for the Hospitality Team who recruits and mans setup, registration, security, and teardown of the Kids Life Lobby area…they rock! I have to agree, they are really creative, competent, and faithful!

  3. Goosfraba

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