Posted by: Mariah Hollifield | February 3, 2008

Kids Life–Whew!

Whew! What a morning. Anybody who ever said church is boring has never taught in one of our kids life areas! (You also haven’t attended one of our services–but back to kids life).

I had the opportunity to teach in our oldest kids life age group 1st service this morning. Talk about high energy…I was worn out! But I was so excited to find out that the kids have been listening to the worship CD we sent home with them. We even had quite a debate about weather or not a song was on the CD and what # the songs were. The girls have made up motions to most of the songs–which the boys did not do so much of, but did sing–because they know the songs–because they listen to them at home! I’m sure other great things were taking place this morning that were pleasing to God, but with out a doubt, God was smiling this morning during our worship time. Kyle Figueroa helped for the first time this morning–he was great–I assigned him “the boys team”, he said next time he wants “the girls team”! But he was great!

Kelly came in 2nd service and took right over–she’s so awesome! What an incredible Pastor’s wife–Life Pointe Church is so blessed.

During the 1st service, in our 3 & 4 year old room, we had a wonderful new teacher this morning–Mrs. Gricelda Threadgill. She was supposed to be helping, but she ended up actually teaching the class! I wasn’t able to be in there, but it seemed like she did a great job. Her daughter Caitlin helped with the babies and Caitlin’s boyfriend helped her mother with the 3 & 4 year olds. What a blessing to have this wonderful children’s ministry minded family that has just moved here.I was blessed to teach them 2nd service–they all know that “Zacchaeus was a wee little man and a wee little man was he…” What fun we had, the children love to re-tell the Bible story to me–for candy of course! OK, so I bribe them, but wow! they really pay attention when there is candy corn at stake!

2 year olds–I missed them today. During class, Mckenna called up to me in the 3 & 4 year old class just to say “hi”. But I have to say, Jennifer Davis is awesome! She was actually in there for both services today and did an incredible job. I think I was worn out–I know she was! She has been such a blessing in this class.

Babies! Lisette has this group under control. I barely get time to check in on them, but she always has it covered– babies sleeping, babies playing, babies eating, some babies crying–and workers, workers, workers. We are so blessed.

If you’ve never been down the kids life hall way, come down for a visit–don’t worry, we won’t keep you– just follow the colorful zig zag. It looks so great, and to see all of the children in each of their cool classes, having so much fun and learning about Jesus is awesome!


  1. Hi Annie, remember what I told you on Sunday? Well it happened again today my great-neice Serenity cried all the way to daycare…She wanted to go to “Ms. Annies’ school” I told she would see you and your girls (“her friends”) at life-group tomorrow. You all are doing a great job, obviously “The Kids” love you.

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