Posted by: Mariah Hollifield | November 6, 2007

“I have seen the hand of God”

This is from a dear friend of mine from NC:

I have to tell you something that happened with Freddy on Friday. He was working (at the fire station) on Friday and he called me around 6:00 that evening and asked me to pray for a family. I could tell he was a little upset. The lady (27 years old) had collapsed in the Food Lion on Tarboro st. She just had a baby (1st baby) 2 weeks ago. Freddy said that by the time the firefighters arrived she had coded. One of the firefighters (she graduated with Freddy) is also an ER nurse and happened to be at the hospital that night. They worked on her for 3 hours and could not revive her. Freddy called me later on that night and told me that she had passed away and to pray for her husband the rest of the family.

Well evidently she was an organ donor and they called the neurologist in to confirm her death and he did so, with the families permission they hooked her up to some kind of machine to harvest her organs while they waited for the donor folks to come. When the donor folks arrived to get her organs she had a blood pressure !! They went back and told the doctors that her BP was up and they checked her and sent her on to Greenville.

She woke up and can communicate with her eyes, she’s not able to talk yet but they showed her a picture of her baby and she began to cry. There’s no brain damage but she does have a ways to go to fully recover.

Freddy said that the firefighter that was with her for the 3 hours they tried to revive her called the fire station and told them “I have seen the Hand of God” and she’s not a saved person. He said all the firefighters are in absolute amazement !! Freddy’s captain told him yesterday “Now I know there is a God” !!!

The young lady happens to be Ruhammah’s neighbor, Ruhammah told me yesterday that she did not attend church or know the Lord. God raised her up for a 2nd chance !! HE IS SO GOOD !! Freddy was just rejoicing and having church at the fire station yesterday, he was really excited and giving Praise to God. I get chills every time I think about it. Our God is all powerful, He gets the final say and there is nothing too hard for Him !!!!

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