Posted by: Mariah Hollifield | September 27, 2007

Life Group & Lasagna!

Life Group was great last night. How could it be anything other than great with Lasagna and Key Lime cake! We enjoyed sitting around getting to know each other a little better and just having fun.

Thanks Polly for the yummy Key Lime cake!

I was so looking forward to Life Groups beginning–adults! Since we have moved here, I have been very busy with Kelly in our Kids Life areas of ministry–which I love dearly and would have no other way. Soon we will have Kids Life & 2 services running so smoothly that I will be able to help in one service and attend BIG CHURCH in the other! Adults! Back to Life Group. Looking forward to adults, friends, Bible study, Paul leading Life Group (he does adults, I do kids). Of course, that did not work out the way I was expecting. He got very sick last week and was not able to join us during Life Group–as much as I missed him being there with us, it must have gone OK because everyone came back last night and even 2 more! Of course, like I said, we had lasagna & key lime cake!

I was not expecting Paul to be with us for this Life Group because he was supposed to be in Alaska. But he is still sick! He started out with a double ear infection and now has pneumonia! Pray for him. He is taking his medicine and is now starting to finally feel a little better. If I can just get him to rest enough to get well it will be a miracle! And he will be with us next week in Life Group! I love to here my husband expound on the Word of God–he is very gifted and I am very blessed.


  1. Glad you had a great Life Group Anne. We did also, at Anne and J.T. Johnson’s home. We have an awesome group, and Anne made a yummy cake. We are so blessed together, Life Group’s are the best. I am praying for Paul. Love to you and all your family. Tell Paul his friends said to rest, so he can properly heal quickly. These men!!

  2. Anne: do you have the number for the beach house where Paul is staying?

  3. Been busy?

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