Posted by: Mariah Hollifield | September 26, 2007

Kids Life Rocks!

I love Kid’s Life at Life Pointe Church! Not only do we have a great group of kids that God has purposefully placed here, we have incredible teachers, leaders, volunteers – you name ‘em!

Every week we are either meeting new people with very special God-given talents to minister to children or discovering those same talents in people we already know. And wow! Are our children being blessed and ministered to!

Lisa Riley and her daughter helped in our 2 year old class for the first time this past Sunday and they were awesome!  A true blessing.  They were able to minister to a child that I was not able to.  He was extreamly upset and unsettled, but MS. Lisa had the perfect touch, or spirit should I say, to meet his need.  Not only was this child ministered to through a loving spirit, but his parents as well.

3’s and 4 ‘s jamed for Jesus as they danced all over the place and learned some sign language to a song about Creation!  By the time we finish our section on Creation, the 3 & 4 year olds will be able to tell you the Creation story day-by-day!  What awesome stuff to put into the hearts of our children.  These teachers rock!–they have to, to keep up!

The Ten Commandments!  More incredible stuff from the Word of God to pour into our older Kids.  And oh what fun the kids and the teachers are having!  Go Kid-Mo!  Like I said, Kids Life Rocks!  (I know, too many exclamation points used — that’s just how excited I am about Kids and God!) 

God is at work in a very powerful way in our Kid’s Life ministries!


  1. Glad you have a blog Anne. I know it will be great, already is. God bless you and everyone in Kids Life. Loved the pictures of your children.

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